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Know Best Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy and rough hair can prove to be a nightmare for you if you don't follow some proper health tips. Damaged hair plays havoc with the style you have and gives you an older look. But with the help of natural home remedies for frizzy hair, you can make your look shiny and bouncy.

If you look deep into the complexity of dull, it is shown that such kind of hair is caused due to loss of water in one's hair or even due to dehydration as the moisture holding the ability is impacted. The levels of cuticle seem to disintegrate because of lack of water that causes brittle as well as coarse hair. Some people even seem to get such because of genetics while some others face this problem after some prolonged exposure to heat and humidity. Excess of chemical based treatments, blow drying and other hair styles can also aggravate the condition of such hair.

One of the useful home remedies for dull hair includes a fruit mask. You can mix and mash the overripe banana and avocado. Massage the hair with the mixture and let it on the hair for 15 minutes or so. Then using the lukewarm water, rinse off the mixture. Then you can use your shampoo and conditioner in order to wash it.

Another beneficial health tip is to avoid washing hair every single day. You can skip a day or so. You might feel bit dirt but you have to remember not to sacrifice the quality of your hair just to have washed every day.

You can even use a properly beaten mixture of two egg yolks on the scalp and full length. Keep the egg yolk on your head for about five minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.

You can further use the protein mask in order to replenish the lost shine and moisture in the hair. In 3 ½ ounces water, add some egg yolks and mix them well. In this mixture, you can add three drops of rosemary coconut oil for healthy, clear honey and sandalwood oil. This mixture has to be used on the full length of your hair shaft and then you need to keep it for an hour or so. It is a nice option to use shower cap in order to wrap up. After that, use some lukewarm water in order to rinse the hair. Then, you can dry your them using a towel. This pack can be utilized several times a week.


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