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How Teens Make Scene Hair and Colored Pieces

Scene hair has been pretty popular since 2006. It was first called "emo hair" when some of the more popular emo type bands came out with wild hair styles such as "My Chemical Romance" and "Tokio Hotel" but the hairstyle looks are not really called emo but rather called "scene hair".

In 2006 when Myspace was still the hottest place to visit on the internet, a few of the scene queens made their debut. One popular scene queen in particular named Hannie Dropkick really took off in popularity. Teens girls swarmed her MySpace to check out photos of her latest looks and did their best to replicate the looks. The first thing teens with scene hair do is get their hair cut into chopper layers. This is not necessarily done by hair stylist professionals. Since scene hair layers are not suppose to have a uniform look to the layers, many teens end up cutting their own hair with razor blades and womens razor blades.

The next thing they will do is section off portions of their hair to dye a contrasting color from their own hair. It's not unusual for a brunette teen with scene hair to bleach 2/3 of her hair on top of her head to be platinum blond. Now to add a bit more style, teens will head down to a beauty supply store and purchase long pieces of hair pieces. The sections of hair might only be 1/2" wide or a few inches wide, depending on what they wish to do with the hair pieces. Some teens will then dye the hair extension pieces a bright color, cut them and maybe even layer those pieces.

Some teens will want to pull off really wild looks by incorporating coontail patterns on the hair pieces. To do this they will simply take on the project of laying the hair pieces on a flat surface, using a flat iron to make the pieces smooth, and then tape the sections to be painted off with masking tape and then paint the portions that need to be painted using black hair dye. Some teens will even dye the pieces so that they have multi-colored designs and cheetah print. All the work is down by them at home.

There are various YouTube videos demonstrating how teens make their own hair pieces so be sure to check some out if you want to see exactly how it is done.


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